Selfie Stick


Works with all iPhones (iPhone 4,5,6) and itouch

Plug and Play no app or batteries required

Revolutionary adjustable head, rotates and folds making it more compact and portable

Create amazing video from unique vantage points

Phone clamps into place in seconds –no adjustment screws or tightening mechanism required

Great for taking selfies

Ideal for photos or video over a crowd

Durable, Compact and Lightweight

Comfortably contoured handle

Take photos of hard to reach places – avoid stooping, crawling and climbing

Available in 3 colors
Selfie Stick Black
Selfie Stick White
Selfie Stick Pink

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Extend-n-Click Pro II is the second generation of our iPhone camera extension. Our new Extend-n-Click Pro II is more sophisticated, designed to collapse and fold to be more compact and portable. It also has a more substantial and improved ball joint, locking it firmly into four positions. The head or holding device has two spring-loaded metal pistons. This allows it to expand and hold different size iPhones. The head also rotates which allows it to fold down on itself reducing the overall length to 8 inches.

Extend-n-Click Pro II IPhone camera extension

is the most revolutionary IPhone camera extension on the market. The iPhone holder or head of the unit rotates and folds down making Extend-n-Click the most compact and portable iPhone camera extension available. This iPhone extension pole allows you to go further and get more background in your photos. With a remote shutter release embedded in the handle, you'll never take an awkward selfie again. Self portrait has never been easier. Camera extensions have been around for a while, but they all require bluetooth or an application to work. They also have limited battery life. This selfie extension has eliminated those unneccesary features so you always get the photo. No other camera accessory compares to Extend-n-Click. This is the only iPhone accessory you will ever want to carry. Lightweight and strong construction makes taking selfie photo's with this remote shutter release easier than ever. Extend-n-Click - Possibly the last accessory you will ever buy!

Extend-n-Click Pro II Selfies

If you own an iPhone and take Selfies this product was designed for you.

Extend-n-Click Pro II Makes it easy

The biggest problem with other iPhone Selfie Sticks on the market is they use Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone. Each time you turn it on you have to pair the two devices, this can be a frustrating and if you're not familiar with the process can be impossible. Many similar devices require a app which can further complicate the process, not only do you have to pair the two devices you have to download and install an app and then turn it on each time you use your iPhone camera.

4 Position Ball head easily adjusts to the right angle and stays locked in position
Extend-n-Click with the head folded down
Extend n Click holding an iPhone 6 also showing the extended head

Selfie Stick for all iPhones

Our new Extend-n-Click works with all iPhones, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPhone 6 it will also work with apples iTouch

Uses for a selfie stick

Everyone knows that with a selfie stick you can capture that perfect shot of you and your friends without having to worry about setting timers and making sure that everyone is in the frame. However getting the ultimate self-portrait with your Iphone 6 is just one of the hundreds of uses of this product. It seems as though the selfie stick for the Iphone 6 has many other functional uses as well. Everyone has been in that situation where there is the possibility that the one thing they are looking for might be on the highest shelf, on top of a wardrobe, or somewhere just out of reach. The solution to this problem comes in the form of a selfie stick attached to an Iphone 6. Simply use the stick to point your Iphone 6 up to these hard to reach places and snap a shot. If your lost item is up there, you will soon know about it by flicking through the snaps that you have just taken, without the struggle of step ladders and standing on wobbly chairs. To save you a lot of bother and time, all this simple solution requires is a swift click and you will soon find what you are looking for.

Selfie Stick for traveling

Selfie Stick in Paris
With more and more people now making the decision to pack up their life for a while and go and see the world, the selfie stick is in more demand than ever. Have you ever been in that situation where there is a great view behind you, maybe it is the Effiel Tower, maybe the pyramids in Egypt or the Grand Canyon in America. But as hard as you try you just can’t angle your Iphone 6 to be able to get you and the scene in shot for that perfect profile picture. However with the selfie stick for Iphone 6, you can create amazing photos or videos from vantage points that you would never have had before.
The selfie stick lets you elevate your Iphone 6 up to 35 inches, allowing you to create unique, profile picture worthy shots of you and the world around you with a few simple clicks. The adjustable head enables you to angle the Iphone 6 so that you can get the ideal vantage point for your photo. With no app or batteries required, this light weight selfie stick is the perfect companion to travel with, as it’s retractable head makes it easy to pack away even when you have limited room.
Selfie Stick being held
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