About Us

About Us

Where do great ideas come from? Usually the last place you would expect! On a trip to Disney World in Florida. Artist David Miller was fascinated by all the young people taking selfies with their iPhones. His trip corresponded to a cheerleading competition with hundreds of young girls trying to capture self portraits with friends. These selfies would document all the memories of their trip. One problem: they were struggling to get themselves, their friends and the background into the image. In some cases, they handed their iPhone to strangers to take the photo for them. In other cases, someone was left out of the photo (because they had to be the photographer)! Dave knew there was a better way. He came home and got to work immediately. Extend-n-Click was born. He wanted to make a stylish, easy to use product that didn't require any outside input (apps and batteries). His design went through many versions before he was satisfied with the product you see today. No more will anyone have to surrender their phone to strangers or be left out of the shot.

Camera extensions have been around for decades, but smartphones have changed the landscape of camera use worldwide. Never before have people used a mobile device to capture selfies and immediately update social media of their exploits. With the Extend-n-Click, camera extensions have come into the 21st century. By eliminating the need for apps, you can simply plug in your iPhone and click the button in the handle. It's that simple!

With a 35" camera extension capability, an ergonomic handle and a stylish phone holder, Extend-n-Click is the most attractive and versatile camera extension available. Currently offered in three stylish colors with two camera holder options.

iPhone Selfie Extender

Selfie Entender iPhone

Nice looking display, don't you think? Extend-n-Click is the only Selfie Extension Pole to come in a variety of color choices. The unique camera holders are designed to fits the iPhone 5/5s/5c without the srain and hard to work adjustments that the other guys use. Whether you call it an extension wand or extender pole, the Extend-n-Click is THE product for taking iPhone Camera Selfies! Of course, you don't want to limit the usefulness of the extender to selfies. This multi purpose extension rod is really a valuable tool that can be used to get pictures in the hardest to reach, or see, places. From working on your car to crawl spaces, attics, plumbing, gutters, you name it: before you pull out a ladder, pull out your Extend-n-Click iPhone extension pole. Use your iPhone camera or video function to understand what you are dealing with BEFORE you pull out the ladder or put on your overalls. Don't let the cute butterfly holder fool you... This tool is more useful than your favorite wrench!