In a magical place like Disney World Florida, the best ideas can be formed. One thing the Artist David Miller noted from his trip there was the amount of people struggling to take a selfie with their phones, no one could get the perfect picture that included themselves, their friends and the background. People would fumble to get the right angle and could never quite stretch their arms out far enough to get everyone in shot. This often resulted in someone having to forsake being in the picture to take the photo, or someone shyly having to approach a stranger to get them to take the photo for them. David believed that there must be an easier way for these young people to capture their memories, so when he got back from the trip, he got to work solving this problem. His aim was to make a product that was stylish but still effectively let people create unique photos without all the hassle, without using batteries or apps. After much trial and error, the Extend-n-Click was created.

Due to the ability to use a front facing camera on smart phones, digital cameras are being used less and less, as are the camera extensions that go with them. As well as the ability to take selfies, a smart phone also enables the user to immediately upload their photos to a social media site, letting the world know what they are up to wherever they are. Extend-n-click has successfully brought the camera extension to the modern world. All you have to do to get the perfect shot is plug your phone in and press a button, no more asking strangers for help or fumbling with camera timers.

Coming in three colours, the ability to extend up to 35” and stylish adjustable holder, the Extend-n-Click is the most appealing and functional selfie stick on the market today.
Unique colours The selfie stick is available in three unique colours, black, white and pink, therefore is perfect for any user with an iPhone 6. If you are a girly girl then the pink selfie stick will match your personality, be the envy of your friends as the selfie stick turns not just into a photograph tool, but also an accessory that you can use to match your outfit, or just be something that you are proud to show off. For a more sophisticated look, the white selfie stick could match your iPhone 6, the two devises can blend together to make a subtle and classy tool to help you get your perfect photo at any moment. Or if you want a professional look then the black selfie stick is great for everyone including professional workers such as plumbers and builders, becoming a staple tool in their tool box. The new selfie stick for iPhone 6 has a colour that is suitable for every user. Not only this, but the Extend-n-Click Pro 2 is now more stylish than ever, with its unique contoured handle and compact, retractable head, this is a selfie stick that you can be proud of.

At a concert/festival

Everyone has experienced the problems that come with attending a busy concert or festival, especially if you have to stand to watch your favourite artist. There is always that one person in front of you that is just that little bit taller than everyone else. The solution to this problem comes in the form of the selfie stick for iPhone 6. If you are struggling to see, then simply attach your iPhone 6 to the selfie stick and raise your phone above the heads of the crowd. With the folding hinge on the holder you can angle the selfie stick to give you the perfect view of what is happening on stage, without causing annoyance to those around you. You can even record the whole concert with just the click of a button, so you can watch some of the best performances you have seen over and over again when you get home. You don’t have to worry about your iPhone 6 falling off of the selfie stick and getting lost in the crowd, the iPhone 6 clamps into place easily and locks into position, now with an even firmer grip. A selfie stick has many other uses than taking a great selfie.

Wheelchair/look under things

For some people it is a little bit harder to do everyday things such as bending to look under something, like a cupboard or a car. The selfie stick for iPhone 6 is a ready-made solution, and has been proven to make some people’s lives a lot easier. For those that can’t bend down to find something, the selfie stick can help with this. An iPhone 6 can be clicked securely into the holder and extended down to wherever it needs to go, simply press and button on the handle and a snap a photo, easily showing you the hard to reach places. Sometimes everyone needs those little hacks that makes life that bit easier.


A selfie stick for the iPhone 6 doesn’t have to be used just for taking photo of yourself, there are also many other uses that can make it a handy little tool to have around. The selfie stick is making an appearance in the world of professionals. Are you and inspector looking for a way to make your job even quicker and more effective? Well the selfie stick will allow you to do just this. For example if you need to look under the floorboards or in a dark loft, simply attach the iPhone 6 to the easy attachable holder, and extend the selfie stick up to 35”. Take pictures of the loft space and underfloor boards saving you from unnecessary climbing or crawling. Get a feel of the situation before struggling and getting the ladder out. Not only that but your pictures will be saved on your iPhone 6 for review later or to show other people. You could even take a few selfies along the way.

Getting the family photo/ at dinner table/ large groups

Family get togethers can be a memorable occasion, especially if you document the day with a group picture. However the family photo can cause a whole host of issues when it come to who is going to take the picture or where the camera could be precariously balanced to put on timer. With a selfie stick there is no need for these worries, as group photos can now be taken with ease and speed, and still create a great memory with everyone fitting perfectly in the frame. The adjustable head folds and rotates on the revolutionary ball joint, which locks the iPhone 6 in place allowing you to get the best angle for the photo. Being able to see the shot on the screen ensures that everyone is happy with the photo before you take it, letting you have a memory that can last forever. Have you ever been at a restaurant and want to capture the moment of you and your party at the dinner table? But you don’t want to disturb the busy waiters? The selfie stick for iPhone 6 is perfect for capturing the whole the table with no problems. Extending 35” you can raise the iPhone 6 above the dinner party making sure that the whole table can be seen and a great picture can be taken.

Get whole outfit in shot- no more mirror/ showing off body- personal training

There is now no more need to struggle to angle your iPhone in the mirror to get your full outfit in shot. Often this can mean contorting your arms into awkward angles, or result in you looking at your phone screen other than at the lens. Instead of an awkward camera shot to upload to social media, why not use a selfie sick to ensure of a great full length shot without having to bend your arms in ways that they shouldn’t be bent, and without having your phone right in the centre of the photo. The Extend-n-Click Pro 2 will extend up to 35”, and with the rotating and folding holder you can make sure your iPhone 6 is angled so that your outfit looks perfect in a full body shot. Often taking a photo from above can be the most flattering angle, so be the envy of all your friends with great profile picture, or show them what you are wearing on your night out.

Or in the world body building, documenting your progress is an essential step, and often this requires taking photos to see the difference in your body. A new easier way to do this is with a selfie stick, attach the iPhone 6, or any iPhone, to the holder, and use this device to create shots from all angles allowing you to really see change in your body. Instead of bending over backwards to see your back, simply hold the selfie stick over your shoulder, and easily fold or rotate the holder to get a photo, or hold the selfie stick out in front of you to get a full body shot of your front. The selfie stick for iPhone 6 is a gym goers new best friend.

Extreme sports

Are you into extreme sports? Want to show off to your friends what you can do? Well now you can. Imagine flying over the mountains paragliding, and wanting to capture the moment perfectly, or you have just scaled a cliff face, and want to let everyone know about it. With the best selfie stick on the market, it is simple. Lightweight and portable, take this selfie stick with you on your adventures and take breath taking shots of you in action, wherever you are. Be part of the craze that is hitting the world by storm.

Importance of a selfie

In today’s society it is normal to document everything you do in the form of uploading or sending photograph of what you are doing. The selfie is currently the biggest photographic trend of our time. Taking a good selfie is of the upmost importance, so you need to make sure that yours is the best. The Extend-n-Click Pro 2 can do just that. Suitable for iPhone 6 and all other iPhones, be the envy of your friends and create the best looking selfies with this stylish selfie stick. Don’t let the magical moments pass by when it would be so easy for you to take a photo from a third person perspective. You will be proud to carry around the most stylish selfie stick on the market, fully retractable for easy portability. You can snap a picture wherever you are with one click of the button on the ergonomic handle, and with no need to change the holder for different iPhones, let your friends have a go too!