iPhone Extension

It’s your turn! Get in the action and take unique video from various elevations. Comfortably record video over a crowd with the touch of a button. Camera extensions have never been this easy to use. Works on the iPhone 5c/s versions without the need to download apps. No batteries required!


iPhone Remote camera eetension

Never miss out on an opportunity to be in the picture. This monopod is the perfect accessory for your iPhone;. This remote shutter control allows you to take selfies with the click of a button. No app necessary. Just Extend-n-Click!

Design Makes a Difference

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    The Design
    Designed by artist David Miller, this monopod is the most stylish, comfortable and lighweight camera extension available. The sleek ergonomic handle and iPhone holder is molded with strong and attractive contoured plastic. The stainless steel extension pole gives you the strength and durability you need.
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    The Difference
    iPhone 5 series has the capability of providing high quality images via it's 2 integrated camera's. Extend-n-Click has utilized the functionality of the headphone port and internal circuitry to remotely trigger the camera from a handheld device. This enables the consumer to take "selfies" or capture images from unique perspectives without the use of bluetooth or additional apps. This monopod is the perfect accessory for your iPhone. iPhone snaps into place in seconds –no adjustment screws or tightening mechanism required. This remote shutter control allows you to take self portraits or video of hard to reach places with the click of a button. Unlike other iPhone ; extension devices, this monopod does not require Bluetooth or batteries. Nor does it need an app to operate. Just plug in your iPhone, Extend-n-Click!
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    The Colors
    Extend-n-Click comes in three attractive colors to suit your taste. Available in: White, Pink or Black. The White and Pink version come with our trademark "butterfly holder", while the Black version comes with a more sleek and contoured holder that appeals to virtually anyone. Whichever version you choose, be confident that no other camera extension accessory has the styling and design of the Extend-n-Click
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    The Statement
    Never miss out on an opportunity to be in the picture. This monopod is the perfect accessory for your iPhone. This remote shutter control allows you to take selfies with the click of a button. No app necessary. Just Extend-n-Click!
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    The Uses
    The iPhone is argueable the most useful tool on earth. With the ability to capture and transfer images and video and to post this information via the web, it has revolutionized our lives! Now it has become even more useful, because the Extend-n-Click has extended the iPhone beyond our physical reach. How can you use this essential camera accessory? The options are limitless:
    • Don't get the ladder, get your camera extension!
    • Create amazing video from unique vantage points
    • Great for capturing selfies without awkwardly extending your arm.
    • Ideal for photos or video over a crowd
    • An essential tool for inspectors, real estate agents mechanics and tradespeople of all kinds
    • Perfect for documenting travels, hiking, biking, sky diving or anywhere you want to go!
    • Take photos of hard to reach places – avoid stooping, crawling and climbing

Do you still need more reasons to buy!

iPhone Extension Arm

iPhone Extender Arm

iPhone Camera Extension

The best Selfie Extension Pole for iPhone 5 (iPhone Stick). No other camera extension has the styling of Extend-n-Click. This extension pole allows you to go further and get more background in your photos. With a remote shutter release embedded in the handle, you'll never take an awkward selfie again. Self portrait has never been easier. Camera extensions have been around for a while, but they all require bluetooth or an application to work. They also have limited battery life. This selfie extension has eliminated those unneccesary features so you always get the photo. No other camera accessory compares to Extend-n-Click. This is the only iPhone accessory you will ever want to carry. Lightweight and strong construction makes taking selfie photo's with this remote shutter release easier than ever. Extend-n-Click - Possibly the last accessory you will ever buy!

Monopod for the iPhone

iPhone Monopod

iPhone Selfie Extension Pole

This iPhone extension monopod is the perfect way to create Selfies with your iPhone camera. Simply snap your iPhone in place, plug it into your headphone Jack,and press the button to take photos. Extend-n-Click makes it easy to take Selfies with your iPhone. This monopod extends up to 35 inches allowing you to get that perfect selfie photo without having to ask a passerby for assistance.

Easy to use Monopod!

Simple and Easy!

Extend-n-Click makes it simple and easy. With its unique design and style it's also a fashionable. This monopod was designed and engineered by artist David Miller whose experience in art and engineering enabled him to produce a product that complements the iPhone. This is the one must have accessory for the iPhone.

Imagine the incredible photos

iPhone Camera Extension

Use the iPhone Extension for video and photos

Vacations are memorable because we take pictures that last a lifetime.  Digital photography is now the standard.  Documenting our experiences with our iPhone has become way of life, and selfies have become more than just a fad.  Selfies are how we show the world what we are experiencing.  Don't we want the best possible pictures without the distortion of holding our iPhone at arms length.  We don't like to ask strangers to take our picture.  Who wants to hand over their iPhone and trust someone to take their picture?  This monopod allows us to take the best possible pictures while maintaining control over our technology.  Every selfie is better when using the Extend-n-Click.
On your next trip to the city, don't forget to pack your Extend-n-Click.  Imagine the unique selfie you can take from the top of the Empire State Building, or with the panoramic vista of the Grand Canyon.  You can take the best possible photos imaginable if you have an iPhone and the Extend-n-Click!  This extension pole will give you an extra 35 inches of reach for some of the most unique photo opportunities you can imagine.  Take photos from over the edge of a cliff, or high above the skyline.  You'll look like you have a professional photographer with you, but your photo's will be still be selfies.  All your friends will wonder how you took the most unique photos of your vacation.  Tell them about Extend-n-Click!

artist David Miller inventor and designer

The Design

Extended-n-Click was designed by artist David Miller. Starting off with sketches of a butterfly I was trying to create a holder that would fit both an iPhone 5s and 5c. The two phones are slightly different in size so the challenge was to create flex points that would conform to the different size phones. Transforming an idea into a prototype was a complicated process that took months of trial and error and many different skill sets 3-D design, electronic engineering, and mechanical engineering/design. Another unique feature is the connecting joint to the butterfly, adjusting to four different positions snapping into position without having to tighten a compression fitting. The reward for the many months of design and engineering is a superior product that is unique in style and design.


Extended-n-Click is the only monopod on the market that plugs into an iPhone and does not require a App, batteries or even an on-off switch.
Extend-n-Click's internal electronics talk to your iPhone instantly without complicated Bluetooth or requiring a app.
The butterfly holder with its sleek and flowing curve design expands and contracts to securely fit both the iPhone 5S and 5C

The Inventor

let me introduce myself I'm artist David Miller. I've been a professional artist for 35 years showing in galleries worldwide. I also have an extensive background in electronic engineering.
These two skills enabled me to produce and design this fashionable extension monopod with abilities unique to this device.