This is a great product. It's also very stylish and comfortable. If you're looking for a iPhone monopod, just go ahead and buy this one; you will not be sorry!
This is a neat gadget to take selfie. We found it very handy and its adjustable height made it extremely useful to hold the iPhone at desired distance and angle. The trigger switch is ergonomically placed, which also helped its usage. Anyone interested in taking selfie should have this gadget; you cannot go wrong, and it is extremely easy to operate. No negative aspect so far.
I,m impressed.
Great Find
I was surfing the web came across this product and had to buy one. So far it's been a lot of fun. It's made my photos and videos much more interesting. I just ordered a pink one for my girlfriend's birthday, I'm sure she'll love it.
Great Design
I was and have been very impressed with the design and durability of the Extend-n-Click. Its very easy to use and the feel of the product down to the weight is excellent.
Mike Miles
I saw many products but this one stands out. My iPhone looks cool in this device. The grip is very comfort. And also, it has a very nice design! Simple, modern, yet elegant.
Gave as a gift but am told it's working great! Selfie sticks are all the rage and this gets the job done well!
Customer Service Manager
I purchased Extend-n-Click as a birthday present for my husband. He was quite impressed when he used it at a Christmas dinner with 40 of our friends. Christmas Eve he ended up with 90+ pictures on his phone (numerous relatives borrowed the Extend-n-Click to see how well it worked). Everyone loved it! I purchased one for myself and plan to buy another one for our niece who is away at college. It's adjustable, easy to use, and durable. I did extensive research before purchasing and found this to be the best. Several of our family and friends have already bought one! My 4S iphone fits perfectly. Please design another model to accommodate the iphone 6 so it's available when we upgrade. Great product!!
Outstanding service
This product is easy to use and tons of fun. Most impressive is the service this company provides – it is outstanding!! When I had an issue, they responded immediately and were sincerely concerned. They took the time and care to understand the problem and then provided a solution. They apologized for the inconvenience of me not having the product available for my hiking trip, even though it was my error that caused the problem. They did everything to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. They definitely exceeded my expectations.
Hi, I love your product, it's exactly what I was looking for.